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Month: November, 2013

Thanksgiving, 2013

I’ve been gone a couple of weeks again. My life has been hectic for the past couple of months, and today I am thankful that it is about to slow down a little. My husband and I just purchased our first house, which is something I never thought I would do. Or be approved for.  But we were, and this is the week we are moving. Plus, I just quit a second job which was keeping me away from living life for the past six weeks. And while I enjoyed having some  money whose spending I owed no explanations for, it was just too much for this middle-aged body to work two jobs. It was also too much for my poor dog, who had come to feel that all she and I did was go to bed at night when I got home, other people were walking and feeding her. But just because I wasn’t here doesn’t mean that questions do not plague me. Life is still complicated and full of things that don’t make sense.

For example, have any of you ever experiences, or given the new, quick succession, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” to someone in conversation? I’ve sort of adopted it in conversation without thinking about  it, but now that it has become ubiquitous, I’ve begun to feel that it is a way of telling the speaker to “hurry up!” Are we so busy that we can’t let another person finish a thought? Are we so sure that we already know what someone is trying to say that we just want them to get it said so we can move on?

My mom, whom I love dearly, is a “rose colored glasses” kind of conservative when it comes to American history. She wants to read books only about the great myths of perfection of our forefathers. Being the skeptic that I am, I tend to see people as both evil and good, and I know the founders all had flaws. I know, for example, that despite what congresswoman Michelle Bachman of Minnesota says, the founders were all slave owners, and did NOT work tirelessly to end slavery. But recently I wondered if those rose colored glasses be good to a point. We have all kinds of mythologies telling us of great deeds of gods and heroes, and there is always a lesson in those stories, whether they are from the Greeks and Romans, the Egyptians, Native Americans, the Celts or whomever. Always a lesson. So maybe,  whether it is teaching children the value of telling the truth with a story about chopping down a cherry tree, or the endurance required for fighting wars with stories of Washington crossing the Potomac, maybe the mythologizing of our founding fathers isn’t such a bad thing.

Have any of you ever known someone who is always perky? Bouncy? Cheerful? Have you ever really examined the faces of those people when they are being perky? Scrutinize one. Watch the lips; the eyes. I have come to see that almost every person I’ve ever known who had the bouncy, perky personality has a deep, deep well of hidden rage that shows in her (I don’t mean to be sexist, if I am, but I can only think of two males in my whole life that this applies to,) face if you look closely. And yes, those two males I am thinking of, now that I think on it a little more, also had that hidden rage. It reminds me of all the interviews with neighbors of people who commit mass shootings or horrific domestic abuse who say, “He seemed like such a nice guy.” “They were just a normal family.”  I remember when Kathy Lee Gifford, who is very famous for her perkiness on national TV, but when it was whispered that some of the companies making products bearing her name might be using child labor, that hidden rage exploded to the surface. So I guess this is not so much a question as a warning; beware of perky rage.

In my job I often have to ask people for their medicare numbers. Sometimes an older woman will have a medicare number that is her husband’s social security number.  But that is never the case with an older man-his medicare number is always his own social security number.  Men are not their wives’ dependents, according to social security. Thinking about this led me to noticing how many men I know who are married, but do not wear wedding bands. Including my husband. I don’t know if it is a majority or not, but I know that if I went to work without my wedding ring on, people would ask me if everything was okay.  This, again, is not a question, and I apologize for violating the purpose of my blog, but….oh, fuck it…why is this okay? If a woman is expected to wear the evidence of being married on her body to avoid having people think she’s a hussy, why shouldn’t a married man?

Tonight being Thanksgiving, and so many people preparing to go out shopping, discount hunting, and generally not taking what, in America, if we’re going to call it a “holiday,” which breaks down to “holy day,” I have a question for you related to the behavior of some people toward retail workers. How can you teach your children not to be bullies if you berate sales people into giving you discounts you do not deserve? If you are going to bully the workers who make it possible for you to feed your greed and materialism…the example you set teaches your children WAY more than anything you tell them.

So…until this past Tuesday, but only for the past seven weeks, I was working two jobs. It was quite wearing to a middle aged woman, on top of getting all the stuff together to buy our first house. We are moving in tomorrow, and all the busy-ness is why I’ve been MIA for awhile. But, as I said earlier, questions plague me. If anyone has an answer, or an argument about the basis for my questions, I’m all ears. I wish you all love.

New Identity, New Place…Come!

I’ve taken on a new identity, and so I decided to move my questions to a new place. And since I am now working two jobs, I have been missing the foisting of all my questions onto whomever might  be interested in coming with me to this new place of skepticism and questioning everything.

Has anyone seen those commercials for a particular online dating site that purportedly uses psychology and the deeper questions to find the perfect mate? They now advertise that they have been the inspirators of “more marriages, and more lasting marriages” than any other site. (Yes, I know that “inspirators” is not a real word. But once I add it to my Windows dictionary it will be. It is my Colbert-ish homage to conspirator and inspiration.) Here’s the real question-that company started in the year 2000 BCE. That was only 13-almost 14 years ago, so how can they say their customer marriages have been more lasting? There are people who have been married more than sixty years, my parents are at fifty-seven! How on earth did they do it without that harmonious website?

And how about those commercials about the postage machine that will make it so you “never have to leave my desk to go to the post office?” Did they miss the recent health article about how “sitting is the new smoking?” We did not evolve to sit all day, and we are fat and having embolisms (blood clots) because of sitting too much. Not only that, in my personal experience it was usually a good thing to get away from the office, even if only to go to the post office for a few minutes. It is not a good thing to be stuck at a desk all day. Sorry, do these people know they are not doing the American public any favors by allowing us to sit longer?

I am a Texan. We have a different manner of speaking and pronouncing some words than people in other parts of the country. My mom is from rural Arkansas, and she has an even more different manner of speaking. I grew up into my mid-twenties pronouncing that wonderfully healthy, oily fish sal-mun. Pronouncing the L. Back in those days I knew someone who made serious fun of us (he thought having lived in Alaska for some years gave him the right) until we took up the common pronunciation “seh-mun,” not pronouncing the L. I hadn’t thought about it for many years until I realized a month or so ago I looked at the word “ahl-mund” and realized the spelling of “almond” almost screams for the same pronunciation rule as “seh-mun.” Why is it different?

Do wetsuits protect divers from the bite of sea snakes and jellyfish? Those things can be so dangerous, from what I hear, but I’ve never heard whether they can be defended by those rubber suits or not.

I’m a believer in capitalism. I know, many of my conservative friends (and maybe some of my liberal friends) might find that hart to accept, knowing how I believe that some regulation is necessary. What I am wondering is why the United States has left capitalism behind? When businesses make hundreds of billions of dollars, they don’t use their profits to benefit the lives of the workers who helped make them rich, they use it to buy lawmakers to ensure that they will never need to worry about regulation or even having to pay their workers a living wage. They will not do it on their own, which was proven by the previous era of non-capitalism, the Age of the Robber Barons, who created such poor working conditions, and used small children, many of whom died or were maimed by their dangerous jobs, that the government finally stepped in, and unions could no longer be denied, and we had a period of capitalism. Then the cycle shifted, some of the unions became corrupt by their power and those operators diminished the credibility of the worker’s movement, and now the pendulous blade is shifting the other way, and it is the giant corporations who have become lazy takers. They don’t want to create anything but wealth. They don’t want to do good with their money. They just want the government to subsidize the damage they do, not charge them any taxes, and let them treat their workers any way they wish, and the taxpayers will subsidize their low wages and lack of benefits. The only question I have in this paragraph is: How can anyone not see that this is not capitalism?

Now I have a question about the argument that I’ve heard many, many times about the real reason that the Second Amendment is so important, i.e. not for hunting or self defense, but so we can be armed when the nasty government decides to take away our freedom. I’ve spoken before about how we’ve basically given up our freedoms and privacy by our net addiction, but if we don’t stand up now for net neutrality, isn’t the intrusion of the government going to be the problem there? The same argument applies. The internet is our guns now.

And, as usual I save the most serious question for last. The rape culture in America is in a horrific place. Yes, I know it’s worse in some other countries, but I can’t comment on them, nor can I hope to ask a question that could possibly change the minds of anyone in another part of the world, another culture. So, here goes; why do dads tell their daughters how not to be raped? Why not teach sons that rape is not okay? Why are investigators and college administrators allowed to use the behavior of the woman, and not the man, as an indictment of her “deserving” to be raped? “She was drinking,” “she was at a party with all those guys,” “she had many male partners,” are all used to remove a woman’s credibility when she is raped, or to shame her into keeping quiet.” Why does a promising sports career make a rape accusation something that should be quashed instead of being a bad choice he should have thought of before raping someone? When are female legislators going to move out of the Bible era, which only supported the second-classness of women, and stand up to stop this sexual terrorism of women? Yes, I said it. This is terrorism. Why shouldn’t it be prosecuted as such when a culture, in particular on college campuses, uses it to keep a woman silent, focusing it’s protection on the male and allowing the victims of this culture to suffer continuously after she is raped?