Please Have A Nightmare Tonight.

by And the White Lion Roars!


The white lion is pissed today. First let me say that I’m not vain enough to think that many people beyond my good friends, including some Facebook friends I’ve never actually met, and some folks who have followed my blog because I followed theirs, read my posts. It may be a dream of mine to find a national audience and someday to make money from these little treatises of mine, but I don’t really have high hopes of that.

Having said all that, I would ask anyone who does read this one to do me a favor with this one. Share it. I wish that somehow or other this post would become so far flung that perhaps the people to whom I’m speaking might see it and get a reality check.

I am an animal lover. I love all animals, but in particular I love dogs, and I simply do not understand people who dump them. On my way home today there was a puppy in the middle of the street. She was clearly terrified, and looked as if she could barely move-not as if injured, but more like so hungry and scared that she couldn’t walk. I stopped the car on the country road that runs between the city where I work and the suburb where I live. There are several really nice homes on this stretch of road, and all of them have quite a bit of land, some have horses or cows on the property. There was a truck coming toward the dog from the opposite direction, and we both stopped. The afternoon was beautiful, so we both had our windows down, and both were calling to the dog. She stopped in her tracks, cowering in fear. I got out of my car to see if she would come to me, and she wouldn’t, which is the only reason she left the road. I got so angry and sad that I was in tears when I got home.

We got a new puppy last week that was a dumped dog found by my niece. She and her husband have another dog who was dumped at my sister’s property with two other siblings. Fortunately there were loving people who made homes for these animals, but there isn’t always someone available with a home to give to these poor trashcan dogs.

So this is my message, based on giving you dog dumpers the benefit of the doubt. You may believe that just because the home where you stop to dump the dog you don’t want is large, rural or has a lot of land that there is a nice farmer’s wife there who is going to take the dog in. You are having a fantasy dream. I’m going to give you a reality dream, and I hope it wakes you screaming tonight, and every night until you learn your lesson. What most likely happened is that cute little dog from the litter your bitch produced because you didn’t bother to get her spayed got hit by a car. You may drive down that road in a day or so to see if she’s still there, but if she was hit by a car and not killed instantly, she probably wandered off into the brush and died slowly, in great pain, wondering what she did wrong that you threw her out of her mother’s home.  If it was a rural enough road, she might not have been hit by a car, but she became food for a predator that is able to survive outside the city limits, and feeds on small mammals, Oh, and by the way, coyotes have to eat. It’s YOUR FAULT if that puppy became coyote chow, not the coyote’s. Or, worst of all, she never found a place to be warm and loved, and she starved to death. You brought a slow, lonely death on that innocent dog just because you didn’t want to go to the bother of taking her to a shelter where she might find a home, or didn’t bother to ask your family or friends if they would like to have a puppy. Or you couldn’t be bothered to have her mother spayed.

Here’s the thing; if you don’t want to take care of your pets, don’t have one. There are so many dogs that need homes that shelters become overcrowded, along with being underfunded, and some must be euthanized. There are no kill shelters, but the directors of those places must spend so much time trying to raise donations to keep animals that are not adopted that they too become overcrowded and stretched thin.

Okay, maybe you are short of cash and that’s why you haven’t had your pets spayed or neutered. I understand. Been there. There are low cost spay and neuter days sponsored by the Humane Societies and some of the large chain pet supply stores. You need to have your pets altered so that these unwanted puppies will become a thing of the past.

And just in case I’m giving you too much credit for actually caring about the living creatures you bring into the world through your negligence, just because your unaltered male is fathering puppies with every bitch in the neighborhood, it doesn’t mean you are a stud. Being a responsible pet owner, now THAT’S sexy. Get your dogs fixed.