We Are Incomplete

by And the White Lion Roars!


Oh, so much inspiration the last few weeks. I held off on some questions recently because I was so upset about the pet dumping that I posted about last week. And, for my cat loving friends, I do know that these tragedies happen to cats as well. I love cats too, and have one living in my home. It’s just that I’d seen a dog dumped that very day, and now have an un-housebroken puppy that I’m working into the night with, and running late for work every morning, just trying to get him to make the connection…the word “potty” is not another word for treat, it’s what you do to earn the treat!!! I’m thinking that, just as there are parenting books that let parents know that every child learns differently, and the parent must not expect potty training to happen quickly or without accidents, there should be dog training books that stress every dog is different, and they won’t all learn the same way or at the same pace. I keep telling myself that as I walk around in circles with the new puppy, just wishing he would figure it out. In this instance only, I am glad that Texas has such mild winters, and we already had our annual ice storm. Our female dog, Abigail has us so spoiled, she is the perfect dog…she was house trained in days, and her only aim in life is to please us, so if she does something we disapprove of, she is completely demoralized by our scolding that she never does whatever it was again. Leo, the new lion of the White Lion’s household, just wants to play. The slightest distraction takes his mind off the task at hand, whether a car going by, a leaf blown by the wind, Abigail walking by, etc. Just when I see him sniffing as if he’s about to do what I want him to, it turns out that he just saw a piece of dirt that he wants to carry into the house.

Anyway, does anyone know what Red Riding Hood’s real name was? Why is she traveling incognito anyway? Is it like in spy movies where she’s being told that the man with the package will recognize her by her red cape and hood?

Does any company in the world make bricks other than Acme? I’m thinking there should be an anti-trust suit against Acme Brick because some competition would probably bring down the price of homes, and I’ve never, ever, ever seen a brick that is made by any other company.

I believe that people are complicated creatures. In my opinion we are made up of three basic parts; body (that one is self explanatory,) mind (intellect,) and “spirit,” or consciousness/emotion. Now, these divisions were first differentiated to me when I was about sixteen, by a church youth director. Yes, in the last forty years I’ve rejected just about everything else that man ever told me, but I think he was right about that. I was also sixteen at the time when fundamentalists were having bonfires where they burned their rock albums and Ouija boards, and I participated in some of those rituals (this actually went on at least until the mid-1980’s, but I don’t know if it continues today in fundamentalist churches.) One of the reasons he said that it was necessary to eliminate evil rock from our lives, along with dancing, was because rhythm was over-emphasized in the music, and rhythm is connected to “the body,” which includes our sexuality, and therefore, music with heavy rhythm is likely to promote temptation. He taught the group that melody is from the heart (consciousness) and harmony is from the intellect. I have come to believe that he was also right on this one. I listen to pretty much every style of popular music (including some hip-hop, country and jazz,) and lots of stuff I grew up listening to in the 1970’s. I was listening yesterday to some music from Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills and Nash, and was so moved by the rich, complex harmonies that they exercised. I wonder what that youth director would think today, when so much popular music is almost entirely made up of rhythm with no melody or harmony? Hip-hop definitely fits this description, and the mediocrity of many pop singers leads their recording companies to overdub their songs with heavy rhythm tracks. Even with singers I don’t care for, these rhythms make my feet and hips want to move-the effect is undeniable, and very sexual. The problem is that focusing so much on only one part of the human make up leaves us lacking and incomplete as people. There are some country groups that seem to get this; The Zack Brown band does the harmony thing pretty well, Amos Lee and Ben Harper, Ray LaMontagne do the melody thing well, and can awaken other parts of the human zeitgeist, but these artists are few and far between. When will we have another major artist to whom we can say, “You complete me?”