Misfit Right In

by And the White Lion Roars!


Is the White Lion roaring with rage or laughter? As always, some of both. I saw a commercial…well, I’ve seen it more than once, but it is about how you can wear your contacts to sleep in. Really, it says it’s okay to sleep in your contacts. But at the end of the commercial it says that “serious eye infections can occur.” Hmmmmmm. Let’s see…do we really want to risk it? A mix of laughter and anger on that one.

I love to keep fruit around the house. I have some lovely bowls that were given to me as gifts in which I like to put well arranged fruit. Then after we bought the house I realized why people use wooden or plastic fruit as home decor; it keeps in the bowl. The reason we buy fruit is to eat it, and if my family eats fruit as I wish them to, the bowl won’t look pretty after a day or so. So, roll on wood carved apples and pears!

This one has me roaring with confusion: What exactly is a “clivity?” Is there such a thing as an “anti-clivity?” I have heard of “proclivities” before, but not the opposite.

Almost everyone I know has been sick this winter. Winter colds, allergies, etc. But the warm days where we live have been warmer than usual, and the warmth has lasted longer than usual. Yes, we’ve had periods of very cold temperatures, but not too much. This has me roaring a question: can people finally now admit that it isn’t cold that makes people sick? It’s viruses or allergens. It is not cold weather. The ignorance of “Don’t go out in the cold, you’ll get sick,” makes we roar with frustration every single year.

Some of my science friends may be able to help me with this one, But I’ve been told forever that our skin renews itself every seven days or something. If that’s the case, why do we have scars? Some scars last a lifetime. If there’s new skin being constantly made, how does it remember the injury?

I’ve heard different reactions to seeing an older couple sitting in one another’s presence. Some react with an “Awwwwww,” they know each other so well, they don’t need to speak. Some feel it’s proof that long marriages are not a great idea because couples no longer have anything to talk about. I’m sure the real truth is somewhere in the middle. There are folks who just don’t talk much. There’s nothing wrong with that. There are times when there just isn’t anything to say. But I’m wondering, on the whole, which is the correct reaction to the sight of a couple just sitting silently together.

I’m not sure if I’ve addressed this before, though I know I’ve talked about food security before. We don’t have it. Groceries have become very expensive, we don’t know if we can trust the chemicals that are put in the food anyway, and we know for a fact that some of it is terribly unhealthy and some even have been linked to cancer and hormone disruptions, such as the chemicals in plastic water bottles and other types of the packaging of foods. We also know that there is an ongoing jobs crisis in this country, and that young people are disproportionately affected. We’ve also heard stories about how immigration, both legal and illegal has slowed since the onset of the economic downturn, and some farmers have complained that there is no one to pick their produce. So, here’s my solution, and I think it should be roared to the rafters: hire young people to work on farms. There is no loser here…even city kids, who complain incessantly about it, love to get dirty, and feel a real sense of accomplishment when they see seeds they planted produce something they can eat. The kids win, the farmers win, the families of these young people win, because they get some of the produce, they know where it came from, and know what kind of chemicals were used on the food. They are eating fresh produce, which improves their health and well being, and helps fight obesity. Urban gardeners, hear me roar. Farmers…you need some help on the farms, why not hire some young people, pay them a small wage and some fruits and veggies that help produce. President Obama, and FLOTUS, are you listening?

I think a great deal about my religious history and education, and how it brought me to my atheism. And I remember having serious doubts about my beliefs from early on. I even went to some ministers to discuss it, and was told to just believe. And I took it seriously, feeling guilty about my lack of faith, but behaving as if I already believed what I was preaching; fake it til you make it. I was overbearing about it; enough that I turned some people off, and that some others just tried to start arguments with me because they enjoyed “getting me going.” And it occurred to me recently that maybe the angry, hateful Christians who are about now, and frequently make news, may be using absolutist anger and hatred of everyone who dares not to see the world as they do because they secretly doubt that what they claim to be true is actually true. I remember being at the home of my youngest sister, weeping, because “if what we’ve always been taught turns out to be true, then I am going to hell now.” The concept of hell now appalls and repulses me, but that was the indoctrination that I was brought up with. One guy I knew who angrily and lustily shouted his faith to the rooftops turned out to beat his wife…when believers express themselves in anger, it means there is something wrong with their beliefs. Just as it has been rumored that the most homophobic among us often have either a homosexual experience they feel guilty about, or doubts about their own sexuality. I think this is the same.