Revelations and Lamentations

by And the White Lion Roars!


There is a house around the block from me that has a white work truck always parked in the street. The words on the side of the truck say, “Superior Optimization Ltd.” Now, when walking the dogs, I looked more closely at the logo and saw that it is a company in the fossil fuels business, but just from the name of the company, how could anyone ever know they wanted to do business with them? Who came up with that name?

Now, all my life, I’ve been the kind of person who thinks of a question and just asks it. So, anyone near me is going to be asked a question, whether or not he or she is an expert in the field of that question or not. Now, of course, every question can be answered with very little effort applied to research, but my questions are blurted as soon as they pop into my head. I don’t want the condescension of an LMGTFY, or “Let me Google that for you.” I jut have to ask, what in the world is a “poop deck?” I was raised in a strict baptist home, and was never supposed to touch alcohol. But when I was nineteen (drinking age was eighteen then) my cousin came to town (SHE was Church of Christ!) and asked if I would have a drink with her after work. She took me to a bar called “The Poop Deck.” I’ve never known what that meant, except that maybe it has some connection to pirate ships? I passed that bar yesterday while running errands-it’s still there, in an aging neighborhood, where all the other businesses have Spanish names now. Just wondering.

Our puppy, Leo, was neutered last month, and we were told to try and stop him from licking the area of his incision. That is what we are always told about dogs with injuries. And I know people who cringe at the thought of being licked by a dog. Now, I am not a scientist, but I do read much about evolutionary biology, and I know that behaviors have developed to make our survival more possible. If licking is the natural response to an injury, why would anyone assume that it is bad for one? Isn’t it more likely to have some beneficial, healing effect? Somewhat like the effect puppy kisses have on a down spirit at the end of a long day?

There is a question that has made me roaring mad this week, and it is regarding the Supreme Court of the United States, or SCOTUS. This week the conservative court once again sided with big business and billionaire political donors and removed dollar limits on political donations. A few years ago they ruled that money equals speech in a ruling called “Citizens United,” which started the trickle in the hole in the dam of money taking power away from the people. Now, of course, the trickle will be a flood of money that “the people” can’t possibly match. My question is this: I understand that there are political machinations that go into getting a nomination to the supreme court. But once a justice is confirmed, he or she is there for life. So, in those back room deals, is there a blood oath of some sort sworn to the congressman who pushes the confirmation through that the justice will forever vote in favor of that congressman’s biggest donor? Supreme court justices don’t have to run for office, they never need to raise money for reelection, they don’t work (at least publicly) on anyone’s campaign, so why do they keep trying to please the donor base? Shouldn’t they just examine cases in the light of what the constitution says? Please, correct me if I’m wrong to be angry about this! The White Lion can be talked down…but if she is to keep roaring, the roars need to matter.