Sometimes the Roar Cannot Be Contained

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I’ve been missing for a bit, and for some of that time I thought maybe my muse was just on summer vacation. This week I realized that I was trying to silence her for a host of reasons. One being how tiresome politics are currently, an election year, sure to bring bad news to some, good news to some, but mostly just redundant hatred from the left and right. Partly due to deep sadness at the Supreme Court of the United States’ decisions, how they affect women and people of color. But now I realize that the White Lion must roar or face physical and emotional consequences; lack of sleep, arguing and overreacting to perceived slights, etc. Soooooooooo…..stand back!!!

Some questions….I want some germophobe to explain something to me. Yes, I realize you are a constant target of mine because of your irrational behavior and belief that there are germs lurking absolutely everywhere, determined to kill you, unless you slather yourself with hand sanitizer every five minutes…but that hand sanitizer kills germs and keeps the world’s babies safe from germs. Well, yes, there are “germs” everywhere. There are billions of them surrounding you like a sinister aura as I write. They are in your gut, creating your immune system, they are in the air, and even Oust can’t kill or prevent them. Nor can Lysol. Nor can hand sanitizer. (Stop me before I rant on this one anymore…) My question is, how does sneezing into the crook of my arm make one bit of difference? These monsters are ALIVE!!! Looking to find a host and replicate/reproduce, kill and destroy!!! Surely they can crawl down my arm to my hand, and make the giant leap to the next living creature I touch!!! I confess, I did make the change from covering my mouth with my hand when told that the awful, dirty germs remain in the spittle that goes into the hand when one sneezes, and then is transferred to the next person whose hand one shakes. But I feel really silly when I do that, and I just want to know if it helps. Tell me! Especially considering that you are the ones who told us about having little bottles of hand sanitizer attached to every limb and bag you carry, and now you are the very ones to blame for more and more super bugs becoming resistant to our defense measures.

IMHO, FWIW, (in my humble opinion, for what it’s worth,) the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision was bought, just like the Affordable Care Act, but the insurance industry. Those giants of Capitalism are probably laughing their way to the bank at one more windfall from the American people. You see, when the Supreme Court of the United States decided that small companies can use their religion as an excuse to deny their employees certain prescription drugs, such as certain birth control medicines, that’s one more medicine the insurance companies don’t have to cover. It’s nothing more than a win for their pocket book. “Ahahahahaha,” says the insurance magnate, “those guys think we give a shit about their religion! If only they knew that all we care about is denying coverage as often as possible, Ahahahahahaha,” twisting their Snidely Whiplash mustache.

Speaking of SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States,) I am deeply troubled by the decision, NINE to Zero, claiming that there can be no thirty-five foot buffer zone between abortion protesters and women entering medical clinics, perhaps in order to receive an abortion, but perhaps not. It is a violation of the protester’s free speech to limit their access to these patients. There is still an eight foot “buffer zone,” but even that is under threat when the five male justices vote their personal religion and not constitutional protections…but I digress (again.) My only question is, would SCOTUS rule in favor of anti-gun protesters the same way? Please, I don’t want to get into the gun argument…just asking about the free speech of those who would wish to protest about guns. Is any buffer zone a violation of the free speech of those who would limit the purchase of multi-round magazines? Shouldn’t those protesters also be allowed to get in the faces of gun owners in order to protest them considering walking into a gun show? Equal protection under the law, right? Free speech must be extended to everyone, no matter how repulsive we find their position, right? Well, Chief Justice Roberts? Well, Justice Scalia? What have you to say?

I’m not sure to whom this question should be addressed, but is it better to be team loyal than to really, really, really, just want to win sometimes? Just wondering.

And while I’m asking small questions, am I wrong to be annoyed at the pervasiveness of the salutation, “Have a blessed day?” I used to have a neighbor that I would wish a “good” day, and he would always, angrily, as a correcting mother would do a child for the five-hundredth time, “No, have a blessed day.” Maybe he ruined it for me, because I’m pretty sure that all the people who tell me that daily are kind, good people with good intentions. But, blessed by whom? I don’t believe in the Christian god, and these people are usually strangers to me, who wouldn’t be privy to my convictions. But I can’t help wondering if they say it so out of habit that it really has no meaning to them either. I guess like the “have a nice day,” that started in the late 1970’s. I don’t know. Probably just me being nitpicky.

Oh, and another question…at what point does it become unhelpful to know all the little peccadilloes of the CEO of some giant corporation? I’m fairly sure that by the time we get to the top of all of them, something injudicious has been said by someone in that rarefied air. Or he/she believes something that I find despicable or loathsome. Is it another example of political correctness going too far that every week someone is added to the list of companies with which I should never again do business because their CEO said something my side doesn’t like? Pretty soon we will all have to grow our own cocoa beans in order to have chocolate. And let’s not even talk about fried chicken strips or crafts. Let alone oil services, health insurance and gas for our cars. I’m beginning to think that anyone with a microphone in his/her face might say something stupid, and so we all need a pass on it. Regular people look pretty silly sometimes when a news camera shows up to ask them questions too, and for all their gilled slitheriness, CEO’s are human too. They have families, they have ideas and feelings…I’m friends with lots of folks with whom I disagree on some major topics, so this just seems like roaring for the sake of roaring. And wasted roars, well…we all know what happens when we roar once too often, don’t we?

Could I go back to the “religion thing?” It’s something that troubles me a great deal, and a subject I examine regularly, usually because of my mother’s attempts to save me. She is a fundamentalist believer, and she believes that is her job. She also loves me and believes that her oldest baby is going to die and go to hell, which makes her very sad. We have never been able to have a conversation about my belief that her god does not exist; I hesitate to label it my “belief” because I know there is no magic man in the sky who loves everyone, but especially Jews and Christians, and he only really loves everyone else if they convert to Christianity. At any rate, what it kind of boils down to is that my mom, a child of the 1940’s, grew up believing that whatever her authority figures ever told her was right and true was right and true and should never be questioned. Never!!! So expose’s of slave ownership of the founding fathers (and having offspring with slaves,) or of their belief in secular government, is just “revisionist history.” In her eyes, our military is always right and true, and only “the enemy” commits war crimes; the list could go on and on. She is horrified that I question pretty much everything, and want facts before I make up my mind about anything. My question to her is, why shouldn’t the people of my generation question authority? We are the generation of the marches for civil rights, assassinations, Watergate and other atrocities committed by the government, Vietnam, when soldiers did commit war crimes and they were shown on television. We saw what Reagan did in Iran and South America, and what George W. Bush did, lying to the people to enrich oil barons and Dick Cheney’s Halliburton. Here’s the catch-I believe deeply that politicians have done at least that much evil since the beginning of This Republic. But there was no television, no social media, and there was a “gentleman’s agreement” with the press about reporting on so much political bad behavior. That agreement still exists. If you don’t believe me, just watch the annual “White House Correspondent’s Dinner.” The press and the politicians are still in bed together, and when anyone in the press violates that agreement, they get run out of town, I.E. Glenn Greenwald. So why exactly should authority be trusted? Even the religious authorities whom she holds in such high esteem are devoid at times of said “moral compass.” They, as I’ve said before, believe that once one claims Jesus in his/her heart that they are forgiven of ALL SIN, past, present and future. I grew up in the baptist church, I’ve been told that! So they spend all their time obsessing over the “sins” of others, especially sexual behavior, and no time trying to be more loving, despite the admonitions in their bible that “God IS love,” or “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And how many of those preachers have been caught with their pants down or their fingers in the till? Well, they are forgiven, so it doesn’t matter. And I will continue to question everyone of them.