Just Do Your Job!

by And the White Lion Roars!

And the white lion roars!

And the white lion roars!

This one makes me roar with laughter, but why do sleep medications have a warning label that says, “May Cause Drowsiness?” Isn’t that the point?

I’m also curious if any of my conservative friends can hypothesize for me what Ayn Rand would have thought of four way stops. I mean, would she have acquiesced to everyone taking a turn? Or would she have been, “Fuck that, I’m going! Every man for himself!”

I have complained before about the term “invasive species,” as evolutionary biology tells us that a species looking for a place to safely pass their genes on to their young, find a place to do that, and do it. It’s called a ‘niche.’ Humans, as always, have been the worst about it-willing to throw entire ecosystems out of balance to the point of extermination, and forcing themselves as square pegs into the proverbial round hole. And that’s how species invade a niche, and it is completely natural to do so. So until we figure out that there are things that can be done with kudzu, and zebra mussels make a good snack, we should really stop complaining about invasive species, admit to ourselves that it is probably man’s fault that some species are moving in and harming certain environments because no species can do that if there are predators that keep them from reproducing there. As odd as it is, humans (the nastiest of all predators) seem to always root for the prey in these conflicts. So we destroy predators, think everything is nice and Zen, and then species we don’t like move in and takeover by reproducing exponentially. We need to remember that the lower an animal is on the food chain, the more they reproduce. Think rabbits. Oh, and zebra mussels. But who is eating zebra mussels?

I have a business/religion question. First, I was raised fundamentalist baptist. I am an atheist, as in , I do not believe that god exists. I have a dear friend who has told me on more than one occasion that she does not believe I am an atheist, but that I am just angry at “The Church” because I feel I was sold a bill of goods. Now, while she is right about the bill of goods part, I do think these are separate questions, I truly do not believe that god exists-at least as I was taught him. All that aside, one of the things that disturbs me the most in contemporary Christianity is the “prosperity gospel.” The massive churches, led by multimillionaires, telling breathless believers that if they have god’s favor they will be rich, god WANTS them to be rich. I won’t even bother to mention the quotes in the bible regarding money being a substitute for god, and camels through needle’s eyes, etc. This is my question: If your god wants you to be rich, and you own a “Christian” business, why would you turn away ANY paying customer? “Not gonna serve gays?” I was taught that the only reason Christians are left on earth after they are ‘saved’ is to witness to non-believers and bring them to Jesus. So aren’t these Christian business owners failing at their job? I sent a Facebook message to Mike Huckabee asking him this question. He didn’t bother to respond. #huckabeeforpresident