FUBAR (F$##*D Up Beyond All Recognition)

by And the White Lion Roars!

And the white lion roars!

And the white lion roars!

I’m told that if I want any readership to make my blog famous I should write every week. And every week, pretty much, I do write down ideas to present as questions in case anyone is interested in reading what I write. I decided some time ago that Arriana Huffington can’t educate my way to fame with her blogging how to, so I take those ideas and when I have a coherent set, I’ll put them on my metaphorical ‘paper.’ So, here goes.

I’ve had a couple of very educational experiences, including spending a week with my three year old grandson. I’ve never lived with a three year old, never having had children of my own. When my husband’s kids came to live with us-or at least 2 of the 3, they were adolescents; I never had kids of my own. So this Granny thing is a gift to me, and I love it. But an active three year old boy can be exhausting, and trying, and precious and adorable. Did I mention exhausting? During the week he was here in Texas we were just about to the end of our forty days of rain, but enough fell and had fallen to hamper all my wonderful outdoor plans. I learned of the existence of something called a ‘trampoline park.’ That was the best thing ever for him and me! He could jump all over the place for awhile and wear himself out for the night. Perfect.

There was also the big fight with a cousin on Facebook just because he disliked a comment I made on MY PAGE about a certain historically crapic (I just made that word up) mini-series on THE HISTORY CHANNEL. The History Channel hasn’t bothered with history for quite sometime now, and most of it’s programming is either futuristic fantasy or pandering to the America the Perfect narrative I was taught in school. This particular show was all about how Texas defeated Santa Ana and became Texas, blah, blah, blah. I said I was concerned about the war whooping stirring up the “gun-toting racists” in Texas, who don’t need much to stir them up these days. But my cousin took offense. REEEEEEAAAAAALLLLL offense. He became the first relative I’ve ever unfriended. I’ve blocked a few (including him,) what with me being this wild-eyed, subversive liberal in a red state, outnumbered and surrounded by family of the gun-toting racist variety. And I remembered so many talks with my mom, and other conservatives who have drank the Fox News Kool Aid. They are happy and comfortable in the chronic state of fear. They will fight to the death until we have to pry their fears from their cold dead hands with our rational, caring, ethtical, atheist liberal approach and our rational hands. Pat them on the head, remind them there is little to fear but fear itself, and move on. I will never be sucked into one of those conversations again.

It seems that every day I’m seeing articles about body positivity, political correctness (though almost no one uses that t