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Month: July, 2016

My One and Only Beauty Post, Forever!


I am not a beauty blogger. I’m not a beauty expert of any kind, nor am I even a beauty. I’m a short, “heavy set” woman about to turn 59 in a few days. And I have had something on my chest for DECADES that I must get off my chest as I enter the last year of my 50s. And here it is: it is time for beauty experts, bloggers, makeup artists and all other types whose job it may be to tell people how to look better, and feel better about how they look: GET OVER IT!!! There is no “one size fits all” beauty tip, regimen, product that is going to work for everyone and make every woman feel better about herself. The fact that all of you believe that there is one certain regimen for every woman everywhere makes those of us that your rules do not fit feel inferior and decidedly un-beautiful.

From the time I went through puberty, at the tender age of 10, I have had oily skin. During the acne-fied years it was loathsome, humiliating and horrible. The break outs, the runny make up, my mom getting me Cover Girl medicated makeup because the thought it would help with the break outs, etc. But into my late fifties, I have very few wrinkles because my skin moisturizes itself. However,  I have never seen an article written by anyone about makeup and skin care that doesn’t include the phrase, “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.” Everyone says it, gay, straight, black, white, male, female, EVERYONE. The thing is that, while not having wrinkles at my age, oiliness and gravity have led to large pores. Large pores that have been pulled downward by the act of gravity on my face, and look even bigger now. I read a skin care article the other day called “Ten Items You Can Throw Away Forever.” It included makeup primer, which I use daily, a pore refining primer, because makeup alone does not do that magic trick. So…that one doesn’t apply to everyone, now does it?  That article also had the phrase (once again!!!) “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!!!!!!” My skin needs minimal moisture added to it. I want my pores to shrink. Well, and my lips to stop looking smaller and smaller, my neck to stop wiggling and my my body to stop melting downward like the Nazi in the first Indiana Jones movie. Will moisturizing x 3 take care of that? Don’t think so!

I think the key here is to stop pretending that all women are the same. We are not. Not every middle aged woman should wear short hair. Not every woman needs moisture x 3, not every woman needs certain types of brow grooming supplies, or the same color blush, OR ANYTHING!!! Medicine has finally caught on to the fact that nothing is true for everyone. Why can’t so-called beauty experts? The women of the baby boom generation grew up at a very good time for skin care. Just as we entered our thirties, alpha hydroxy came out, so most of us do not look as we thought we would at our age. We’re beautiful, as is.  We need to feel that in every fiber of our being, and so-called experts really don’t help. We have reached a point where we should know ourselves well enough to blow off this advice, and know what works for us. Including me. But that little three word phrase haunts me.


Sometimes the Truth Spills Out

And the white lion roars!

I remember the ’90s. A decade of joy and sorrow, like most decades in our lives. One thing that has stood out for me as a gay ally is the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy for which President Bill Clinton got so much criticism. Now, my family has a HUGE military presence, and I heard more comments about this policy than I care to share, almost all from male servicemen who were completely freaked out by the notion of “showering with queers.” I knew then, and I still know that the reason they were so afraid of being ogled and harangued by other men was because they were pretty sure a gay man would treat them as they had treated women in this “boys will be boys” rape culture that America has nurtured for centuries. There are plenty of current stories that prove this culture is still prevalent in the United States; rapists getting slapped on the wrists by male judges, women being blamed for rape because of what they wear or how much they drink, and on and on.

Skip up to the “aught-teens,” and in 2016 there has been a GINORMOUS kerfuffle about what bathrooms trans-gender people should use; should it be the bathroom of the sex they identify with, or the sex listed on their birth certificates? There have been people making threats to come with weapons into public restrooms to “protect women” from trans-gender people, despite the fact that there has never been a reported case of a trans person molesting anyone in a public restroom. I would venture to speculate that trans people would be far less likely to molest anyone in public since they are already more than thirty times more likely to be assaulted in public than anyone. Of any race. Of any religion. It just doesn’t happen.

The trans bathroom issue is big in my hometown, Fort Worth, TX because the Fort Worth schools superintendent has made policy meant to protect trans-gender students, and he has taken the wrath of god from all the rabid conservative lawmakers in Texas. They’ve tried to have him fired, sued, tarred and feathered, and worse. And of course, many who claim to follow a god who claims to Be Love are in the anti-trans movement. On yesterday’s evening news there was a local pastor who finally explicated the truth to me, whether he liked it or not. He is the father of twins who will be in kindergarten in the upcoming school year, and he said that he is most worried about boys (as in STRAIGHT boys) using the trans bathroom rules as an excuse to go into the ladies restroom. And there was an explosion of fireworks in my head when I heard this. “OH, SEE WHAT THOU HAST WROUGHT!!!!!!! This father is afraid of the rape culture that has been created by the patriarchy victimizing HIS children.

Yup. Boys have got away with it for so long, that straight men are now afraid that the culture of victimizing and then blaming women has created monsters are now pretending that those boys, women and girls need to be protected from the people most likely to be assaulted in public places. It almost reminds me of how the KKK got started; to stop black predators away from “Our white women.”

Now, go to your room and think about what you have done!